I’ll Never Quilt Again


I said I’d never quilt again. And here I am, only a few months after making that vow, quilting up a storm.  Once again.  I had started a quilt several years ago, and it sat  half-completed in pieces for at least five years.  Every time I opened the closet door, I saw all these lovely colorful fabric squares: unloved, unfinished.  I finally decided to finish the quilt before there was any more psychic energy lost to that incomplete project.  I did it.  I sat down and powered through the damn quilt.  Was it fun?  Not really—it was more grit my teeth and finish. Is it great now that it’s done?  Absolutely!

So, why am I making another quilt, so soon after I promised I’d never make another one, after all the guilt I felt for not finishing that project?  (Have you ever noticed how “quilt” and “guilt” look basically like the same thing?) At the quilt shop, I saw a sample quilt hanging on the wall. As soon as I saw the possibilities for this wild cacophony of color and pattern, I knew I needed to make one. It’s made of scraps, just thin strips of fabric, those unloved bits, the left overs.


Here’s what I’ve got so far…16 lovely squares.  I’ve been making one each day.  Just one a day…a little progress, so that I don’t shove it in a box in my closet, so I don’t curse at it and beat myself up because I can’t finish what I started.

I’m finding it therapeutic to make my daily square.  It’s a chance to step away from a day full of words, words, and more words. And instead, do something with no words, only shapes, colors, patterns and the hum of the sewing machine.

I think I’m going to finish this one in no time at all.


4 thoughts on “I’ll Never Quilt Again

  1. Those squares look lovely! It sounds like this one will come together a lot faster and less painfully than the last one 🙂 One square at a time sounds like a good plan. Kind of like writing one scene at a time!

    • Oh my! How did I miss seeing your comment? I’ve made a few more squares recently, but I had to stop to cut more fabric strips. A friend of mine who is an avid quilter invited me over to rummage through her fabric bins and I came home with an entire grocery sack of brightly colored fabric. We bartered. I gave her honey from our beehive and she gave me fabric.

  2. Just finished High Strung; it was so fun to finally read a hobby mystery that featured something I actually did! I don’t quilt (I leave that to my uber-talented sister-in-law) but I totally understand that comment about an unfinished project sucking up pyschic energy!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed High Strung! I’m a pretty cruddy quilter, but I do have fun, and it keeps me off the streets. 🙂 If you get a moment, please leave a review on Amazon. That helps me find new readers! The next book in the series is coming out toward the end of the year (fingers crossed). If you’d like me to email you when the next book is available, you can sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/janpeacnewsletter

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