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High Strung’s New Cover

The release of the second edition of High Strung, A Glass Bead Mystery is just around the corner. In case you missed it, here’s the new cover. I’m elated with the book’s bright and shiny new look. When I was working with my cover designer, Booktrope’s Greg Simanson, I sent him a picture of glass beads I had made so he could understand what I was talking about when I said I wanted lampworked beads on the cover of the book.

Here’s the image that I sent him. These are beads that I made back in the 1990s. They look quite different from what I make today, that’s for sure. When I saw the cover Greg had created, I was blown away—there they were, perfect renderings of my beads, on the cover of the book!

bead strand 2What’s up next in the world of the Glass Bead Mystery series? The new edition of High Strung will be out on September 14, at all major online retailers in both ebook and paperback formats. I don’t have a link for the book yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to post it. Meanwhile, I’m working hard on the next book in the series. It’s called A Bead in the Hand. We are shooting for a launch date of sometime in November, just in time for holiday gift giving. Stay tuned for details!

One last thing: I’m having another Facebook Party! If you didn’t make it to the last one (which was smashing success, by the way), then you’ll need to stop in for this one. I’ll have a ton of swag to give away, you don’t want to miss it. The High Strung Launch Party is on Sunday Sept 13 from 10AM to 6PM Pacific time. Here’s the link…let us know that you’re coming.

2 thoughts on “My Beads on the Cover of HIGH STRUNG

    • Thanks, Kim. Yes, it has been a exciting process. I was stunned to see my beads on the cover of my book — it made it extra special for me, but most of all I hope the readers like it.

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