Not in Wonderland Anymore


The infamous Deb Crowley and yours truly.

My head continues to swirl with ideas even days after Glass Stock has ended.  This year’s theme at Glass Stock was Alice in (Glassy) Wonderland, and last weekend was indeed a world of glassy wonder. A huge thanks to Deb Crowley, the mastermind behind Glass Stock.  She has created something beautiful—a collaborative environment for teaching and learning.

On Sunday, there were just a few events before we left for home.  With a gung-ho attitude I jumped behind a torch to do an elimination round.  What the heck is that, you may ask?  Basically, everyone gets a bag of mystery glass and a theme and then all the contestants have 20 minutes to make a small sculpture. The artists with the best sculptures move on to the next round, everyone else gets the boot. We all opened our bags and dumped out the contents. A tube, a rod, and a couple bits of color. It was all borosilicate glass— not my speciality. Although I do have some secret boro skills, they have not been used for many years.  Oh, and we could only use three tools to sculpt our masterpiece.  Our theme was “what grown-ups should not wear.”

I created a weird looking head with a blue mohawk (adults should not have mohawks, unless they are named Gremlin.) On the face of this lumpy head, I added a patch over one eye (adults should not wear eye patches like pirates unless they are named Dale Chihuly). This strange figure had a long, bizarre nose, nearly a chicken’s beak.  And, no, adults should not wear them.


Housemates: Donna, Leslie, (me!), Kris, Felicia, and Jennifer.

It’s probably no surprise that I did not make it to the next round in the elimination contest.  Those who moved on had such masterpieces as “The Mullet” and “Superman Underwear.” There were other entries that were, how shall I say…less suitable for my PG-13 blog posts, so we’ll just leave those to your imagination.


A gathering of plastic animals, sad to see the fate of their friend the gecko who apparently is soaking in vodka.

I made some terrific new friends during Glass Stock.  I especially enjoyed getting to know my housemates, and wished I wasn’t such a wimp that I needed at least 7 hours of sleep in order to be a functioning member of society.  Otherwise, I’d have stayed up to the wee hours with them.  We did discover who the trickster was. She continued leaving small toys in our bedroom over the long weekend.

Jennifer and I blasted home on Sunday, doing the long 8-hour drive all the way through, trading off driving duties every couple of hours.  I was happy to be home, back in my own Wonderland, ready to try some new things in my studio. Ready to play.

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