Two Fun Bracelets, Too Much Fun


Some of the fantastic bracelets made by students in my class.

We had another fabulous day at Glass Stock.  I started the day teaching a class I called  (not very creatively,) “Two Fun Bracelets,” in which we made, uh, two fun bracelets. One of the bracelets, called Ephemera, is a black stretchy cuff made of a series of small frames. You add pictures to each tiny frame before placing lenses on top of each image. I was impressed with the bracelets that my students made and am inspired to make more of my own jewelry in this style. That’s one of the best things about teaching—I am inspired by the work of my students, and learn at least as much from them as they learn from me.


Two Fun Bracelets class

The other bracelet I showed my students was called the Sprout. It looks a little like a furry beaded caterpillar. The students and I had fun choosing the perfect whimsical color combinations of seed beads that complemented the colors in their handmade glass beads which are part of the clasp for their pieces.

Today was the last day of classes. It’s been an exhausting experience here at Glass Stock.  I admit that I took a short nap in the car this afternoon, after I realized that I couldn’t focus anymore and found myself falling asleep during one of the classes I was really looking forward to taking.  Forutnately, after my brief snooze, I was able to come back to class and finish my project.

In yesterday’s post IIMG_0021 mentioned that I’d hit one of my glass beads with a hammer and shattered it while trying to complete a ring.  I finally had a chance to finish that piece and I love it! Here’s an image of my silver ring in aqua and transparent green, and Jennifer’s in orange and lime green.

One of the final events of the day included a drawing for each other’s beads.  I won a fantastic sea horse sculpture made by Donna Prunkard.  It was my lucky night!  I alsIMG_0022o won a beautiful paperweight, but we’re not sure who made it. I’m hoping we’ll be able to solve that mystery before we leave tomorrow.  Wait a second—tomorrow! So soon? Glass Stock—it’s been too much fun, but it’s time to return to reality

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