Welcome, October

Some people don’t like Mondays. Me? I don’t like Octobers. I have my reasons.

The first was a car crash fourteen years ago when my Jeep was flung from the freeway after a car hit it. The jeep, my daughter and mother with me, rolled over a couple times, landing in a field at the bottom of an embankment. We were banged up a little, okay, maybe a lot, but we survived the experience. A CHP officer said at the time he was surprised that there had been no fatalities given the extent of the damage to my car.


My husband, in grey with sunglasses, being hoisted into a Blackhawk helicopter.

And then there was what we euphemistically call “the snow adventure.” My husband, father-in-law, and two neighbors were trapped in a snowstorm in the Sierras for several days in October, eleven years back. They were not lost, just unable to hike out from their camping spot. As the days passed, the reporters on my driveway became more aggressive in their pursuit of a quote from me, the soon-to-be-widow. News vans lined our small street. I received calls from the Sheriff, who told me that he couldn’t risk another life by sending someone into white-out conditions to search for my husband. I understood and accepted it, but it was difficult to hear, to say the least.

The men were rescued on a Thursday by a Blackhawk helicopter, which pulled them up on cables to safety high above the valley where they had been hunkered down. They were all fine, but shocked to see the media frenzy that had developed while they were stuck in the snowy wilderness. They survived, and their wives and children, relieved to have them home safely, had survived as well.

Each year, I’ve dreaded the arrival of October, and in the past have celebrated the ending of the month with friends who had also had terrible events occur during those rotten 31 days.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.08.28 PM

My new wreath from Target. 20 bucks well spent.

This year has been different. I’ve been excited for this October to arrive. To celebrate, I bought a spooky-silly wreath with eyeballs on it. I’m looking forward to getting my art glass pumpkins out and placing them on the mantle. I’m grateful for this: All of us are here today, having survived some awful experiences. We are alive to enjoy October, in all its autumnal glory.


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