A Peep Obsession

Rumors of my obsession with Peeps, those nearly-plastic marshmallow treats so prevalent at Easter, is highly exaggerated (or is that eggs-aggerated?) I’ll admit that I do love to roast them over my beadmaking torch.  They get crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside when toasted to perfection—and taste like creme bruleé with their delicious burnt sugar coating.

Over the last few years I’ve been doing some fun crafts with Peeps—last year it was a Peep-encrusted apron, the year before it was a Peep crown.  I must admit, I have a penchant for tiaras, so the Peep crown was one of my favorites.

Each Spring the SGB NorCal, our local chapter of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers, comes to my house and studio for a garden party and Peep roast.  We usually jam as many people as possible into my tiny studio and stand around my sleek GTT Mirage torch, delicately waving our shmallow chicks and bunnies in the flame, before stuffing them into our mouths after they have sufficiently cooled. 

This year I decided to make an Easter cake, having been inspired by binge-watching three seasons of the Great British Bake Off.  My husband, Jeff, made the frosting, which turned out fluffy and perfect.  He also tinted some coconut green for me.  I made the cake and decorated it with Peeps and Jelly Bellies. I’m pretty happy with the results, though I don’t think I’ll win any awards for it.  I can’t wait to take a bite, but we must wait until Easter.  I really must.  Really.

If you have some extra Peeps after Easter, you might want to try roasting one. You can toast them over a gas flame on your stove, if you don’t happen to have a oxy-propane torch handy.  Just make sure to let it cool a little before eating it, they are a bit like molten lava if you eat them too quickly after roasting.

And whether you roast any Peeps or not, I hope you have a very Happy (or is that HapPeep?) Easter!

2 thoughts on “A Peep Obsession

  1. Joy Mundy says:

    I love your PEEP obsession…they are my husband’s all time favorite. When we first met I was cleaning out his pantry and found boxes and boxes of “hard as rocks” PEEPS and tossed them. Come to find out he was simply “aging” them…he would punch holes in the plastic cover and let them sit around long enough to get hard as bricks and then they were perfect for consumption…lol. My girlfriend who live on the East Coast (I was a Seattle gal…now retired in the SW) goes to the factory once a year and sends my hubby a box full of PEEPS. So lots of “aging” going on but now he keeps them in his big safe!!!!! PS: On the flip side I love “Beads”…I live in a small town now in Arizona in retirement so now I may be able to seek out someone to give me a few tips. Just about to read your first book…love that it is based in Seattle

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